Dennis Mbongeni jali of Holiness Revival movement, has been accussed with proofs of ripping off investors, church members, neighbours via bitcoin in Usa [maryland]
we also heard from a reliable source that he parades his self in almost all the churches in mary land at Usa as a true man of GOD. He preaches like every true man of God, and also prayed like every other true man of GOD will.
After ripping multitudes off their savings and hard earned money, he flew back to his country south africa. some of the victims were able to get through him via calls and social media..and all he told them was that he dared them to do their worst..
End time people are everywhere, parading themselves as true men of GOD...
please beware of dennis jali, hes a fraduster..definitely he will soon be caught and apprehended.
we will bring you more updates as it unfolds.
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